…stays in Vegas. Well, except for this.

The Ground Up crew was called into action by Las Vegas based law firm, Harris & Harris to create for them something, er… slightly familiar based on our Burnetti, P.A. commercial from 2010. While hesitant at first to recycle a previous concept we were quickly lured by the dynamic skyline afforded by the other City of Lights and the challenge of creating photo-real neon signs displaying common personal injury claims.

Co-ordinating with our friends at the Nevada Film Commission and recruiting Pat Longman, the fantastic aerial cinematographer who lensed our Burnetti spot, a few short weeks later, we were high above the Vegas strip capturing as much footage as we could while the sun set past the Nevada hills.

We were fortunate enough to secure Treasure Island, a wonderful hotel and casino situated at just the right angle to give us our final shot: our clients posing on the hotel’s roof against the vibrant lights of Las Vegas.

With the footage in the can, we flew back to Tampa to get started on the meticulous process of creating unique CG signage. Our Visual Effects team: Corey Langelotti and Matthew Jimenez, were respectively tasked with design and motion-tracking. Utilizing a variety of programs, including After Effects, Maya and Boujou, the whole team tinkered away, fighting against animated neon letters that could glow believably and nighttime footage that proved deviously difficult to track.

The result is here: “Skyline”, a commercial that we feel took a recycled concept and tweaked it considerably to trump (no pun intended) our earlier spot. A big thank you to our crew and clients for their hard work and patience, and of course, the City of Las Vegas for it’s distinctive um… brand of inspiration!

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