We, at Ground Up Films have been extremely lucky to collaborate with clients who are ready and willing to push boundaries and carve out a unique and sometimes unconventional name for themselves through a medium viewed by thousands of people at a time.

Tampa Bay Personal Injury Attorneys, Culpepper | Kurland are most certainly those clients. For the last several years, they’ve created a solid convention for marketing themselves, through billboards, print ads and television spots. Recently, they began looking to do something a little different, something a little outside the box, and luckily for them, they came to us!

The ultimate challenge with making a television spot for a law firm is creating something that will stand out amongst the dozens of other standard talking head style videos, all the while appeasing the Florida Bar, a statewide regulatory organization for lawyers. The Bar has very strict guidelines– rightly so– for commercials aired to the general public, and making sure that those guidelines are met can make for a sometimes frustrating, but ultimately rewarding production experience.

We’re very proud of this spot that has begun airing on every major network station in the Bay Area, and we’re extremely grateful for our client and the chance they took to make a commercial that not only stands out amongst other law firms, but sets the bar for every commercial to come.

Check it out:

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