It might not look like much has changed, but believe me, we’ve been hard at work re-designing, re-tooling and all around re-awesome-ing the site in order to streamline our content and your enjoyment.

First and foremost… we’ve got a BLOG!  And you’re reading it!

Aside from weekly updates, musings, rants, tips on getting started in the industry, thoughts on the current state of film, and anything else our rabid minds can think of, this is the place to be if you wanna catch debuts of our latest work.  Right here!  On this page!

Below each blog is a comments section where you can voice your thoughts, interact with other talkbackers and heck, maybe even throw in a few compliments here and there.  Um… not that we’re fishing, we just like good words :)

Two months in and 2011 is looking to be a phenomenal year!  We’ve got a ton of new content on the way, some major news to announce and quite frankly, we’ve never been more proud and excited to share with you all we have to offer.

Keep checking back, it’s gonna be one heckuva ride!